Exercise Shoulders

exercise shoulders
exercise shoulders
exercise shoulders

The shoulder muscle has three parts, the front and middle and rear deltoids.  If you want to maximum your shoulder workout you have to exercise shoulders by activating all three parts.

When you exercise shoulders a tip is to stand in front of a mirror so you really can see what you are doing. It’s not good to overdo the exercises, so remember to stay focused and think about holding your bodylines.

You also have to think about what your body can handle and how flexible you are. If you are a beginner when it comes to exercise shoulders, take your time and don’t go out to hard.

Something to think about when you start exercise shoulders is to use lighter weights and repeat the exercise multipel times, instead of taking heavier weights and only do a couple of repeats. Remember that the muscles around the shoulders are small and can easily get injured. 


To exercise shoulders doing the overhead press is a very effective exercise for your shoulder, it hits every part of your shoulder. You will be pressing the weight over your head so be careful how heavy barbell you use.

You can sit down or stand up when you do this shoulder exercise. Bring the barbell to your forehead and have your elbows bent. Slowly start to bring the weight over your head and go slowly down to your forehead again and repeat.


This exercises is targeting your front and deltoid part of your shoulder. This exercise is challenging because you need to have your arms straight up in front of your body so use light weights. 

Lift your arms slowly up in front of your body and stop when you come to your shoulder level. Have your elbows slightly bent. Slowly go down and repeat. 


During this shoulder exercises you have to think about keeping your back straight and abs strong. This exercise is similar to the ones before. You need light weights and you are going to pull your arms up from your body but this time up on the sides.

Important is to have your wrists straight thru the whole exercise and have your elbows slightly bent. Go slowly up and stop when you reach the level on your shoulder. 


This shoulder exercise trains your small cuff muscle that is included in deltoid muscles. It’s a small muscle but you use it a lot for example it helps you to rotate the shoulder in and out.

Take a resistance band with a handle on it and bend it around something and pull it tight. Stand with the left side facing the band while you holding the handle in your right hand. Have your elbow bent 90 degrees and have your palm and forearm in front of the belly.

Keep your elbow bent in 90 degrees all the time during the shoulder exercises. Rotate the shoulder and bring the forearm out to the side. Be careful and don’t swing out your arm too far. Only you know your flexibility so work after that.


It dosen´t matter if you use the barbell or dumbbells but it´s important to have some distance between your hands while doing this exercise. Hold your arms in front of you, hanging down. Slowly raise the weights, close to your body, with your elbows bent.

You can pass your chest with the weights and go higher if your body allows you. Lift until you have your elbows slightly above your shoulders and have the wrists straight through the whole exercise.